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    1. 泡沫成型機
      EPS半自動泡沫成型機 泡沫箱設備 泡沫板設備 建筑模塊生產設備
      EPS半自動泡沫成型機 泡沫箱設備 泡沫板設備 建筑模塊生產設備


        該機型有(1)絲杠蝸輪傳動  (2)絲杠碰輪傳動  (3)液壓傳動三種基本機型。






        There are three types:(1)master screw worm wheel drive (2)master screw touching wheel drive

        (3)hydraulic drive

        1.this machine adopts imported PLC computer and DOPA human-machine interface touching screen to run the control system with one complete set of function and adjustable paramerte.In addition,it can be controlled automatically from clamp close,feeding,foaming,break the mould and escape of air, as well ad inspection of product in the computer-control process.

        2.Many heating and foaming methods can be adopted;the machine can work under best state without changing environment of the workshop making use of old matrix so that the products can be manufactured with automatic vacuumized forming machine.

        3.Close structure,save space,reliable performance,easy maintenance,save manpower,save steam and raw materials,training is not necessary,one worker can operate2 to 4 sets of machine.

        4.This machine adopts imported hydraulic drive system which enhances clamp force and speed so that the period will be shorter and more energy can be saved.


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